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When it is time to for special event organizing like a music concert, sale or even a store opening, most of the people aren’t aware of an important thing that they must have considered. That is making people aware of your business! We know that radio; TV, Billboards, Newspapers, etc. are commonly used as a source of advertising or marketing. But, have you ever noticed that this medium tend to be beyond your budget? And, it can get extremely worse for the small businesses as it’s a big challenge to promote an event on small or large scale. So, is there any solution that can save your budget, advertise your event and also introduce your business to the people?

Although the words of mouth have been a common medium of advertising. But, this also involves proper marketing strategies and labor to get things done in such a way. You can’t simply say a word to someone, and he gets impressed by your business. Moreover, your business or event is new and needs to be instantly advertised for maximum user attraction.

The Solution

Yes! There is a solution to every problem, and for your problem we also have a great and an inexpensive solution. As you all know that Social Media marketing and advertising is dramatically increasing by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, people are getting a lot of business from online marketing, and this is done through effective means of proper resources.

To have your business listed on Social media or other advertising platforms, you need a proper online Flyer and Pamphlet for your business or event. A flyer on which your entire event is explained and designed in a smart way to the users.

So, if you are running a Real Estate business or about to organize an event, we are the service that can help you with a total turn around. We expertise in designing some of the most beautiful and appealing flyers or pamphlets for your real estate or any other business that you love.

Reasons Why to use Flyers for Special Events

• You can reach your desired audience easily. You get Social Media presence, Newspaper insertions, street distribution, INSTORE distribution, etc.

• Things get creative with you when you are dealing with professionals like us. Promoting a special event on a flyer is all about creativity. The flyer needs to be creative to stand out and highlight the main message or purpose. The normal flyers are of A4 or A5 size and opting in for two-sided flyers will give you extra space for maximum listing of information.

• You get a tangible copy along with online presence. It’s totally up to you whether to promote online, offline or both ways. With a tangible sample in your hand, you can better evaluate the thing for what you’ve paid for, and get satisfied with the services.

Why Choose

XO Andre began as a graphic designing company that designs outstanding and appealing flyers and pamphlets for local events. We are a trusted company that expanded by leaps and bounds into the online field of website design. For more than six years, we have designed countless creative images and HTML pages for private interests.

So, if you need any of our services relating to graphic designing we are always available. Contact Us Today!